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His Grepship

His Grepship is a Windows-based visual tool produced by His Nerdship Pty Ltd that searches text files on your PC and network for search expressions (i.e. words or phrases).  It is loosely based on the UNIX grep utility.  Features of His Grepship include:

  • The found search expressions are highlighted in an output list in a Windows list box, along with the line and surrounding text. This allows you to see the context of each expression.

  • His Grepship can do global find and replace operations (text swapping). For instance you can change all occurrences of "Smith" in all your text files to "Jones". You may optionally confirm/reject each change, and as a final safeguard you can also roll back the changes after you have made them.

  • You may associate His Grepship with various text editors including Lemmy.  Later when His Grepship has finished a search and displayed all found search expressions in a list box, you may double-click any line.  His Grepship will then activate Lemmy to open the file containing the expression you clicked, and take you right to the correct line.  The cursor will be sitting on the expression, ready for editing.

His Grepship may be downloaded from  His Nerdship Pty Ltd for a 30-day trial period.  If you choose to buy it, click on the Ordering His Grepship link to order it.  The cost will be US$30.